Indigenous Owned Fit List - head to toe, featuring products from only Indigenous Owned brands

Indigenous Owned Fit List - head to toe, featuring products from only Indigenous Owned brands

For this post, we wanted to put together 3 entire outfits for everybody using only Indigenous Owned clothing & streetwear brands! With the Holiday Season quickly approaching, we wanted to make it a bit easier to help you guys find items to buy for your friends and family or items you'd like to add to your own Christmas Wish List.

'We spend our whole lives spending our money on or conceive our time indulging in, everything sold, distributed produced, made & created by non Natives. It's easier than ever before to be able to support & spend or money on our fellow Indigenous relations.'

The quote above is from our blog post 'Tips for Your Decolonizing Journey: 5 Ways to Decolonize'  where we share some resources and ways to help People along their decolonization journey. One of those being: support & buy from Indigenous owned brands & businesses. With social media, there is so much more accessibility to Indigenous owned brands & there is such a wide range of Indigenous owned brands & products to choose from. It's important that we start putting our money back into our communities, into the hands of our own People. 

Decolonial Clothing has just released our new website featuring our new & updated products. So we wanted to put together a few outfits featuring some of our new & update products matched with clothing items from multiple Indigenous Owned brands to make up the most deadliest outfits!


Decolonial Clothing - Resist Tee (Geronimo)
Okema Clothing - Thunderbird Hoodie Okema x Drezus
RBRTH - Custom Jacket
@rbrth_official Instagram
Spring/Summer: Native Love Notes - First Nation Sensation Shorts
Fall/Winter:  Section 35 GOAT Jogger Mineral Wash
Spring/Summer: The NTVS - Steven Paul Judd Retro Truckers Hat
Fall/Winter: Decolonial Clothing - Eagle Toque
The Wells Crew - Custom Pendleton High Top AF1'S
@the_wells_crew Instagram & Facebook
Decolonial Clothing - Decolonial Eagle Pendant
The NTVS - Premium Crew Socks
The Rez Life - LND BCK Champion Back Pack
Phone Case:
Native Anthro - Warrior Phone Case


T-shirt: Decolonial Clothing - DECOLONIZE Black Tee (Old English Font)
Decolonial Clothing - Fuck Colonialism Hoodie
Pow Wow Jackets - Custom Ribbon Jacket
Summer/Spring: @beadworkbymika - Ribbon Skirt
Fall/Winter:  Ocean Kiana - Sweatpants
Spring/Summer: The Rez Life - Land Back Hat
Fall/Winter: Aaniin Hello - Black beanie
Winter- Manitobah Mukluks - Element Mukluks, designed by Haudenosaunee, Mohawk, Niio Perkins
Summer- The Wells Crew - Custom Kokom Scarf low top Nike Air's
@the_wells_crew on Instagram
A Tribe Called Beauty - The 2022 Native Boss Babe Planner
so called canada:
Kokom Scrunchies - Mum Scrunchies (classic black kokom scarf)
so called america:
Second Aura - The Four Directions Necklace
Urban Native Era - Native Land Socks
Mobilize - Rain
Phone Case: Native Anthro - Floral 2022 Phone Cases

Lil Neechee

Reclaim Your Power - Strong Resilient Indigenous Shirt (black)
Ocean Kiana - Kids Hoodie
Summer/Spring: Awasis Boutique - L&L Collection Hats
Fall/Winter: The NTVS - Youth Pom Beanie
Fall/Winter: Manitobah Mukulks - Kids Gatherer or Faux Fur Kids Snowy Owl
Summer/Spring: The Wells Crew - Custom Pendleton or Kokom Scarf Vans
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